Company “IT-AGRO” is a Ukrainian-Belarusian company, founded in 2015, the developers of agronomic systems “ROSA” and their dealers. The main activity of the company is the introduction of precision farming technology, manufacturing and sale of agro-technical complexes means “ROSA” on the elastic wheel and tire low pressure that allows operation in a water-logged field.

Complex “Rosa” is equipped with a key (defining technical level) components from leading manufacturers:
· Turbocharged diesel tractor powered by Kubota (Japan);
· Membrane-piston pump Imovilli (Italy);
· Metering and distribution mechanisms of the spreader Kverneland Group companies (the Netherlands);
· Sprayers Lechler (Germany);
· Pressure pump, Honda (Japan)
· On-board computer PN-2 “Rosa”, Teejet technologies (USA), which provide a high consumer quality complex “ROSA”.

Ltd. “IT-Agro” carries out the sale and application of solid and liquid fertilizers. In particular, now entering Refer a highly concentrated liquid fertilizer UAN-32, as well as its combination with plant growth biostimulant Nano-Gro .

CAS-32 – liquid fertilizer, it contains three forms of nitrogen (ammonium -6.5%, -6.5% and nitric amide 19%). Quickly interact with the soil, nitrogen losses are excluded, there is no competition between the moisture and fertilizer, provides a rational, sustained nutrition with nitrogen / crop. You can contribute to the IU, NWR, provides full mechanization introduction, the cost of 1 kg of nitrogen by 30% compared with solid nitrogen fertilizer, operating costs are reduced by 25% and employment by 56%.

Nano-Gro Biostimulyator plant growth initiates protective mechanisms of plants, which leads to the natural increase in weight and increase in the number of flowers and seeds. In addition, the biological system, tested in the Nano-Gro environment characterized by increased production of female specimens, growth, better absorption of fertilizers and extension type of survivability. It increases the productivity of agricultural plants up to 30%.

Fertilizer turnkey


With us you will significantly save both time and money in making fertilizers. Currently, the company processed about 50 000 ha of agricultural land per year and this figure is constantly growing, as innovative technologies in agriculture becoming more popular among producers of agricultural products