About сompany

LLC “IT Agro” is a subsidiary company of PP AF “Lany Podillya” (Ukraine) and LLC “Ahromashresurs” (Belarus). The main activity of the company is implementation of precision agriculture technologies, production and sale of farming complexes “ROSA” on the elastic wheel tires of extra-low pressure, which allows working in waterlogged fields.

The complex “Rosa” equipped with key (defining the technical level) components from leading manufacturers:
· turbocharged tractor diesel from the company Kubota (Japan);
· membrane piston pump Imovilli (Italy);
· dosing and distributing mechanisms of spreader from group of companies Kverneland (Netherlands);
· sprayers Lechler (Germany);
· pressure pump Honda (Japan);
· board computer PN-2 “Rosa”, Teejet technologies (USA), providing high consumer quality of complex “ROSA”.

Delivered equipment provided spare parts, consumables and service both warranty and post warranty period.

To services of consumers in Ukraine can also be included network of dealers with the organization of service maintenance. Monitoring Machine MM “Rosa” takes samples of soil, assessed the status of crops, control spread of weeds, diseases and pests at cultivated cultures. The unique design enables soil sampling at any time of the year; the use of UAVs allows make assessment of crop in real time.

Self-propelled sprayer on tire-shells OSh-1 performs manufacturing operations on the application of liquid fertilizers and chemical protection of crops from pests, diseases and weeds. Dose of adding the working fluid is independent from the machine speed. The ability to use technology of low volume bringing plant protection products (30-50 L/ha) is present. The potential of bringing – up to 250 thousands hectares per working day.

Self-propelled spreader on tire shells OSh-1 is designed for feeding of solid fertilizers doses, sowing grass and others. Extralow ground pressure (0,01-0,016 MPa) allows using spreader on wetland soils and field with shoots of crops in the tillering phase without formation tenological track.

Also LLC “IT-Agro” sells and perform bringing of solid and liquid fertilizers. In particular, it is recommended now bringing a highly concentrated liquid fertilizer, CAS-32, and its combination with plant growth biostimulant Nano-Gro.

CAS-32 – liquid fertilizer containing three forms of nitrogen (ammonium – 6.5%, nitrate – 6.5% and amide – 19%). It quickly interacts with the soil, nitrogen losses are excluded, there is no competition between moisture and fertilizer, provides rational, sustained fertilization crops with nitrogen. It can be made with ME, ZZR, provides full mechanization of application, the cost of 1 kg of nitrogen is 30% lower compared with solid nitrogen fertilizer, operational costs are reduced by 25%, labor – on 56%.

Bio plant growth stimulator Nano-Gro initiates defense mechanisms of plants, which leads to the natural growth of mass and increase the number of grains and flowers. In addition, the biological system, tested in the environment of Nano-Gro, is characterized by increased production of female specimens, growth, better absorption of fertilizers and extension survivability of species. Increases productivity of crops up to 30%.

At the present time, the company process about 50 000 hectares of agricultural lands annually and this number is growing, because the innovative technologies in agriculture become more popular among agricultural producers.