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It-AGRO company, offers the services of cutting sheet metal
on a thermal cutting machine.

What is plasma metal cutting
Plasma cutting of metal is the processing of a material in which a jet of plasma is used as a cutting tool. The plasma jet has a very high temperature from 5000 to 30,000 degrees and a speed of 500 to 1500 m /s. Such unique properties of the cutting tool, make its use very advantageous when processing metals.
Plasma cutting of metal is one of the most effective for today thermal methods of processing of sheet assortment. Plasma cutting of metal has a high level of efficiency, high quality of the edge, the ability to work with material of great thickness, high processing speed.

Plasma cutting capabilities:

  • Cutting speed
    When plasma cutting, the cutting speed of metal of small and medium thickness is several times higher than the rate of flame cutting.
  • There is no thermal deformation
    Plasma cutting, due to an insignificant local heating of the cut workpiece, eliminates the thermal deformation of the metal.
  • High Quality
    Laser cutting provides high quality and clean cut metal.
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Application of plasma cutting
If you need accurate cutting of metal sheet for workpieces, the only way is plasma cutting of metal. Our company offers plasma cutting services for steel and non-ferrous metals. Currently, this type of cutting is one of the most effective technologies for metal processing. It is used in many areas of industry for both mass production and serial production. Advantages of metal cutting with plasma – high purity and productivity of cutting, computer design of parts, which makes it possible to minimize gaps between blanks and tolerances for subsequent processing. These advantages of plasma cutter give a great opportunity to save and reduce the cost of consumables. Plasmorez makes it possible to cut out contours of any complexity with the maximum precision of manufacturing products. The raw material for cutting does not matter – it can be either galvanized, stainless or sheet black steel, and copper or aluminum.

Any kinds of steel are processed.
– Black, colored, refractory alloys, etc.
Figured Metal Cutting
– Complex figured cutting of metal sheets is possible.
Advantages of plasma cutting
  • the ability to process sheet black steel, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel
  • the cutting speed of small and medium thicknesses is several times higher than the flame cutting speed
  • small and local heating of the cut billet, excluding its thermal deformation
  • high purity and cut surface quality
  • process safety (there is no need for cylinders with compressed oxygen, combustible gas, etc.)
  • a complex figured notch is possible (there are no restrictions on the geometric form)
  • the relatively low cost of the procedure.

The plasma cutting device is used for cutting
Arclight Dynamics

High cutting speed
Uniform cut quality
High precision cutting
Cutting without scale
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Video of the work of the plasma cutter
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