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From October 28 to November 1 in Romania held its annual agricultural exhibition INDAGRA, which was also presented our products.

Machine for solid mineral fertilizers “ROSA”, which we have presented, created a furor among Romanian farmers and became a star of the show. Not a minute to our equipment remained without attention, a constant stream of visitors did not stop, and almost every approached to ask what is this miracle of the unusual design we represent. Of course, it came to fruition, and very soon in the Romanian lands, our farmers will learn spreaders and sprayers.

A pleasant surprise for Romanian farmers as was the fact that Agrocomplex “ROSA” are multifunctional, as having one unit, it can be used as a sprayer, and as a dispenser, and as the dispenser, it is necessary to unscrew all 6 bolts and change the rear part (eg spreader sprayer). And replacing the wheels, it can be used for processing the stubble fields of sunflowers and corn. Some were delighted by the fact that the rear of the machine without even possible to fish or to hunt in the swamp area.

Also, the Romanians were pleasantly surprised by the quality of agro complex and easily replaceable parts.

Currently, agriculture is developing rapidly in Romania and farmers, feeling constant competition, trying to make the best use of their land, and for this they need modern technology. There have long understood that to achieve success with obsolete technology is not possible, but the way until pay off obsolete.




From the first of October 3, our company has participated in the national agro-industrial exhibition “AGROEXPO”, which was held in Kirovograd. Agricultural complex “ROSA” aroused great interest among the visitors and other participants of the exhibition. Near the sprayer at all times were turbulent discus about the methods of fertilizer application. But as one agricultural producers pointed out that the opportunity to enter the field in the early spring is very important for the harvest of winter, in addition, the reduction of pressure on the ground a positive effect on its structure, which also leads to a better aeratsii and lack of technical ruts gives appreciable increase in yield.

That this is the essence of the use of agro-complexes “ROSA”. Tire low pressure allow farmers to go into the field, not when the weather will permit, and when necessary to the farmer.

Also, it was nice to see the exhibition of people who already appreciate the advantages of our agrocomplexes and they all unanimously repeat of the acquired benefits that they have received with the purchase of our products.