• The complex is unique to ensure the optimal agro technical timing of bringing fertilizers and plant protection products – the most important component of precision agriculture technologies. Provides work with solid and liquid types of fertilizers and plant protection agents for plants with stems up to 0.5 meters in watery soils, in fields with complex microrelief and directly above shoots without damaging crops.
  • The original wheel with tire shell from the first producer. The design is patented in the Eurasian Patent Office. High mileage (at least 10 thousands. Hectares), tire resistant to punctures and high side loads.
  • Proven operational compliance with the stated specifications for at least 5 years.
  • Key (defining the technical level) components from leading manufacturers, turbocharged tractor diesel from the company Kubota (Japan), membranepiston pump Imovilli (Italy), dosing and distribution mechanisms spreader from group companies Kverniland (Netherlands), sprayer Lechler (Germany) pressure pumps Honda (Japan), board computer, navigation device (RB), devices supporting methods of precision farming techniques.
  • Flexible to adapt the equipment to weather conditions and necessary processing quality parameters as:
    – Independence of doses of liquid and solid fertilizers from the sprayer speed (patented design of the Eurasian Patent Office);
    – The use of wear-resistant dispensers with the ability to control drop size and density of the coating on the treated surface during necessary working technology;solid
  • Comfort work conditions for driver: hermetic fiberglass cab with air conditioning, excellent visibility, filtration air intake into the cabin from harmful pollen and disperse particles.
  • The modular design of the machine (patented): technical equipment (solid fertilizer spreader or sprayer or sampler) on uniaxial semitrailer aggregated with biaxial wheel drive power unit into the self-propelled machine with wheel formula 6×4.
  • The possibility of differential bringing solid and liquid fertilizers by e-map tasks.
  • Environmental friendliness – reduce the harmful impact on the environment by maximizing the use of advanced technology of applying pesticide at high operating speeds.
  • Timely and high quality applying of fertilizers and and pesticides with exceptional efficiency (up to 15 liters of diesel per 100 hectares of treated farmland) guarantee payback of the machine in 8-10 thousand hectares of treated farmland during 1 season.