spring_fertilizingIn early March the cars go out on the fields of southern part of country. The first week of the beginning active vegetation of winter crops in waterlogged fields machines of complex “ROSA” are only able to work. In the future, these sprayers are directed to the fields located in the lower lands, giving in traditional trailer and self-propelled sprayers and are the most available and favorable for conditions of processing fields. As a result of operation in 2006-2010 the mean time for each unit was 3250 hectare per calendar month on the fields of the average area of 30-50 hectares with a dose of 2.0 quintal/ha of undiluted CAM (30%, density 1,34). Losses of moving from farm to farm were at least four working days. The work was done only in the daytime.

The most difficult weather conditions accompanied the spring field works in 2010. High moisture content on the fields significantly limited the possibility of using traditional sprayers. The sample survey of households on the volume and quality of work on the bringing of nitrogen fertilizers made with complex “ROSA” was conducted. Their total amount in the republic was at least 0.5 million hectares of winter crops.


Working_with_pesticidesSince the last decade of April to the end of June machines were working on bringing plant protection products. Doses of working solution were 30-50L/ha. Low volume spray application technology has proven its high efficiency in various types of herbicides and fungicides. Performance of machines in this period is limited by weather factors and insufficient clearance (agro-technical gap) technology.

Machinery show very high efficiency in all kinds of autumn works. The largest amount – for bringing glyphosate containing drugs. During daytime one unit processed 150-300 hectares depending on weather factors, areas, relief of fields. Before the period of low average daily temperatures (early November) farms have time to make first chemical weeding of winter crops.


In 2006-2010 in the works of providing services the average annual working hours of one sprayer was 10,500 hectares of farmland.

12.0-13.0 thousands ha of processed areas for one unit – a real benchmark on the annual employment of farming systems “ROSA” for fertilizer and plant protection products bringing as a part of specialized and properly equipped mechanized units.

In 2009-2010 data on of the machine productivity were confirmed once again. This is 5 – 10 thousand hectares for one season at use in one farm depending on the applied production technology and available resources. The payback period of machines in such conditions does not exceed 2 years of operation. Machines that treated 12 -13,000 ha for one season are paid off within the first year of operation.

The average operating time of one unit on the bringing of plant protection products is 7000-9000 hectares with all the weather and technical-organizational costs.

MidyearBusyDependence of the work from weather conditions is minimized – the machine can go out to field directly after rains, including prolonged ones. In the fields of smooth microrelief comparable performance can only be provideв by self-propelled sprayers of leading manufacturers. At the same time machines of complex “ROSA” can carry out work both fresh plowed fields due to the high ride and minimal soil compaction in a rut – immediately before seeding units.

And in addition to the above benefits – is really power saving machinery. The field comparative tests of trailed sprayer on the basis of MTZ-80 have shown that savings of diesel per 100 hectares of processed farmland are at least 50 liters. Compared with the same more powerful self-propelled sprayers, the difference is even more significant. Until 2010 upgrading of power units complex “ROSA” by engines of Japanese firm «Kubota» was completed. In terms of reliability and energy efficiency for tractors and self-propelled machines in these types of work – it is the advanced level of the world tractor construction.


It is difficult to determine the number and composition of machinery complex “ROSA” required a particular farm. We present two examples in this context.

Agricultural Complex “Zhdanovichi” Minsk district Minsk region. The total area of agricultural lands – 10850 hectares, including arable – 8,951 hectares. The area of winter crops for the first fertilizing CAM – 4388 hectares. The number of operated sprayers – self-propelled John Deere 4730 – 2 units, trailed Jacto – 5 units. Machines for surface bringing of solid mineral fertilizers – Amazone, Rauch and other Western firms – 7, domestic production – 4. Number of purchased assets of agro technical systems “ROSA” in the complete set – 2.

APC “Kamayskyy” Postavy district Vitebsk region. The total area of farmland – 13000ha, including arable – 7500ha. Number of trailed sprayers of domestic production – 13. The number of machines of domestic production for surface bringing of solid mineral fertilizers – 11. Number of purchased assets of agro technical systems “ROSA” in the complete set – 3.

On December 31, 2010, 208 machinees have been used in agricultural enterprises of the republic. Firstly, machines were purchased by farms with dominated part of low ground and peatlands fields. Confirmed high efficiency of machines on heavy soils and fertilizing pastures.

Many machines were bought by the results of previous studies of self-propelled sprayers “Rosa” working in providing services in fertilizing and processing crops by plant protection agents. For example, APC “Agricultural Complex Snov” Nesvizh, APC “Borovoye-2003” and Dept. “Iskra-Agro”, JSC “Agricultural Complex Dzerzhinsky” Dzerzhinsky district of Minsk region, PUE “ASB Gorodets” Shklovsky district Mogilev region, JSC “Vitebsk broiler factory” and APC “Olhivske” Vitebsk district Vitebsk region.

There were first farms that bought machine complex “ROSA” due to the results of working machines purchased earlier. APC “Kamayskyy” Postavy district Vitebsk region has 3 units with delivery by one machine in January and September 2008 and January 2009. JSC “Parohonske” Pinsk district Brest region – in total operation has 4 units with delivery 2 units in February 2009 and 2 units – in December 2009.


hard_chemical_fertilizersHaving new opportunities, many Belarusian farms decide to fertilize soil on the fields with equal relief on thawing snow.

Some farms found it possible to use disk fertilizer spreader RMU “ROSA” for sowing grasses to winter crops in early spring period.