We are pleased to inform you that our company provides fertilizer services with the help of the Rosa agro-technical complex on ultra-low pressure tires.


The “Dew” equipment is a complex that has no analogues to ensure optimal agrotechnical terms for applying fertilizers and plant protection products – the most important component of precision farming technologies. Work is provided with solid and liquid types of fertilizers and protective equipment for plants with a stem height of up to 0.5 meters on light-bearing soils, in fields with a complex microrelief, and also directly on crop plants without damage.
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  • Due to ultra-low soil pressure (up to 0.016 MPa), it is possible to use these aggregates on low-moisture wetland soils and in fields with crop plants in the tillering phase without forming a technological track. This property, as well as the possibility of applying at any time of the year and in any weather, distinguishing the machines of the ROSA complex from traditional technology, allows to significantly expand the period of their annual employment.

  • The ability to cultivate soil all year round is a necessary component in the struggle for harvest. Such a possibility makes it possible to reduce the timing of agrotechnical measures from weather conditions. And as a result, to achieve high rates due to the earlier (for 2-3 weeks) the beginning of field work.

  • The machine is characterized by high performance – working speed from 10 to 50 km / h, i.е. 2-3 times higher than units based on a wheeled tractor

  • We are ready not only to sell or lease the machines of the ROSA agrotechnical complex, but we also render services to farmers on introducing liquid or solid mineral fertilizers, chemical protection of field crops against pests, diseases and weeds.

  • We are making KAS-32 a liquid fertilizer containing three forms of nitrogen (ammonium -6.5%, nitrogen -6.5% and amide 19%). Quickly interacts with soil, eliminates nitrogen losses, there is no competition between moisture and fertilizer, provides rational, prolonged nutrition with nitrogen crops. It is possible to make with ME, SZR, full mechanization of application is provided, the cost of 1 kg of nitrogen is 30% lower in comparison with solid nitrogen fertilizers, operating costs are reduced by 25%, labor costs by 56%.

  • We perform “Turnkey” fertilization. Our specialists take into account all the components of your agricultural production such as: the characteristics of cultivated crops, the characteristics of the soil, the landscape of lands and much more. And provide all phases of work from the selection and calculation of the number of necessary funds, before entering the soil. For each client, we are looking for a separate approach and perform work, taking into account the wishes of the customer.

Super cross-country

Making the KAS32

He does not go – he flies

Application of fertilizers

ОThe main advantages of working with us:
Big experience of our experts
Hi-tech equipment
The ability to make fertilizers and other means year-round
ncluding in the periods of the year when another technique is not able to move around the field. Late autumn, winter, early spring.
The ability to make fertilizers and other means regardless of the weather
Even if heavy rains have passed before entering the week.
Significant savings on deposit
Field comparative tests with trailed sprayers based on MTZ-80 showed that saving diesel fuel on 100 hectares of cultivated farmland is not less than 50 liters. In comparison, with more powerful self-propelled sprayers, this difference is even more significant.
Significant savings of your time
Do not waste time thinking “what, how much, when and how.” We will calculate, deliver and deliver.
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